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A Paw in the Door is here to be an advocate for cats in the Midcoast Maine area that are in need of new homes. If you or someone you know needs to relocate a cat please contact us. We spend time getting to know each cat that enters our care and we work hard to find him or her the best permanent home possible. We take very seriously our role in the care and eventual placement of each cat that enters our program and will take as much time as is necessary to find the right home.

When preparing to surrender a cat to A Paw in the Door please provide us with as much notice as possible. Although we make every effort to take cats into the program as soon as possible we often have a waiting list.

   How to surrender your cat(s) to A Paw in the Door:


  • Call our surrender line at (207) 751-4131 and talk to our intake counselor.

  • Read our Surrender Policy and fill out the Surrender Application.

  • Gather the cat's spay/neuter and all other health related records including vaccination history.

  • Compile a detailed description of any special medical needs and anything else that you would like to tell us about the cat.

  • Be sure an intake counselor is ready to receive your application by calling our surrender line a second time at (207) 751-4131.

  • Send us the above documents and the $35 per cat surrender fee using the addresses below. You are also welcome to pay by credit card and to send the documents electronically.


   A Paw in the Door

   16 Winter St.

   Bath, ME 04530

   (207) 751-4131

A Paw in the Door is here to help stray cats find loving homes. If you believe you have a stray cat in your neighborhood please follow the guidelines below.


What To Do When You Suspect You Have Found a Stray Cat


#1 Ask your neighbors - all of them - if they or someone they know in the area is missing a cat. Oftentimes "stray" cats have wandered from their homes in search of adventure.  We have found that many cats can be reunited with their owners by just asking around.


#2 If your neighbors don't have any information, call the animal control officer in your town and let them know that you suspect that there is a stray cat in your area. With a good description, the animal control officer may be able to reunite the cat with its owner, if the cat has been reported missing.


#3 You can also contact Maine Lost Cat Recovery, an excellent resource for reuniting lost cats with their owners, at


#4 If you are still concerned about the cat(s), please contact us at A Paw In The Door. We’re happy to talk with you about the cat(s) you’ve seen. We will:


- Contact animal control in your town

- Contact Maine Lost Cat Recovery

- Post photos of the cat on Facebook


If the owner is not found, we will: 


- Humanely trap the cat(s)

- Transport the cat(s) to the vet for a wellness check and any urgent medical care

- House the cat(s) in our facility while they rest and recuperate

- Wait 10 days before making the cat(s) available for adoption


It is our goal to find happy homes for each cat that enters our program, and we want to be there for stray cats as quickly as possible. Please contact us with any questions.

Remember: There are two types of cats that can be found living without homes. Stray cats are cats that are familiar with humans and have lived domestically but have somehow lost their homes. Stray cats are usually happy to return to domestic life. Feral cats are cats that are wild and who survive outdoors independently. They have never been domesticated or their contact with humans has diminished over time. Feral cats will avoid humans even when hurt or hungry. However, feral cats also need their own kind of healthy homes and can be a welcome addition to any barn or large property. With this in mind we have developed a successful feral cat placement program. To learn more about this visit our HOW YOU CAN HELP page.

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