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A Paw in the Door is a small, locally-run non-profit alliance of people who love cats. We work with cats in the Midcoast area and place them in homes in the Midcoast area. Once a cat is surrendered to Paw, we get to know the cat and work on finding him or her the best home possible. We take the responsibility of the future of each cat seriously and are very careful about placements. Being such a small organization means that we can take the time each cat needs to find a great home.
Once a cat is surrendered, the cat is the responsibility of A Paw in the Door and A Paw in the Door will have sole discretion as to his/her future medical care and placement. The program will provide treatment for medical conditions deemed treatable by its veterinarian. Should the veterinarian find that the cat has an untreatable illness/condition that renders the cat unadoptable the cat will be euthanized.
We understand that giving up one’s cats is a difficult and emotional thing to do, however, we ask that owners remember that we are all volunteers with limited time, and that time is best spent on tasks involving the cats. Paw is mindful of owners’ concerns but inquiries after a cat is surrendered will be unanswered. If requested we can notify you once a cat has been adopted. Any adoption is permanent and you waive your right to any additional information.



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