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  • Surrendering cat owners will provide the completed surrender application, provide a valid email address, telephone number(s) and the telephone number(s) of their veterinarian(s).

  • A surrender date will be scheduled with A Paw in the Door prior to surrender.

  • Vaccines and vet care will be current prior to surrender. A Paw in the Door offers payment plans for vaccinations and other necessary medical treatment.

  • The surrender application and this surrender policy will be signed by all parties prior to surrender.

  • Surrenderers will provide medical records including vaccination dates, spay/neutering information and any other medical treatment records.

  • Surrenderers will pay a surrender fee of $35 per cat due at the time of surrender. A Paw in the Door offers surrender fee payment plans.  

  • Surrender fees will not be deposited until A Paw in the Door has possession of the cat(s).

  • At the time of surrender the cat(s) becomes the sole responsibility of A Paw in the Door. A Paw in the Door is under no obligation to gain permission for or provide information on any future actions or decisions regarding the surrendered cat(s).

  • A Paw in the Door reserves the right to refuse any surrender.

  • Surrenderers are 18 years of age or older.



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