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A Paw in the Door is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. We work within our community to provide foster placement and adoptive homes for cats in need. Since we do not have a shelter facility we depend upon our foster home network and our partnering adoption cart business sites to care for our cats while they wait to be adopted.

We work to provide medical care for cats in acute and emergency situations as well as for spay/neuter and other routine medical calls. We have developed partnerships with local veterinarians who work with us on a case-by-case basis and who continue to impress us with their commitment to our mission.


Our annual fundraising events include lively auctions, busy yard sales, 4th of July celebrations, sports tournaments and other entertaining, community based gatherings. Our committed volunteers and advisory board members headed by the founder of the organization, Patty Sample Colwell, meet regularly and are actively involved in the individual support of each and every cat that enters our program.

Last year A Paw in the Door provided spay/neuter services to 142 cats. A total of 445 vet visits provided additional medical services, including emergencies. We found homes for 110 stray, surrendered, or abandoned cats and kittens. We raised over $55,000 through fundraising events and contributions. Our fundraising and administrative costs made up less than 15 percent of our total expenses.

A Paw in the Door relies entirely on donations and fundraising events to support our mission. Community support and involvement is crucial to our effectiveness. We could not achieve our mission without the dedicated assistance of our foster home providers, our adoptive families, our veterinarian and business partners, our volunteer network and our generous supporters.

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