Help us find Junior!

Junior, our guy who could not tolerate being indoor-only & caterwauled until we let him out in the house to roam finally pushed the screen out of the kitchen window & escaped.  He did stay right around the yard & house coming to eat & get his love from the companions.  He also came inside to eat a few times. We were working on getting him to eat inside with some success & even had a person interested in him living with them where he could be in & out.

Unfortunately we have not seen Junior since mid day Thursday, September 19.! We've contacted our animal officer in Bath Ann Harford & Maine Lost Cat Recovery who designed a poster for us to advertise for Junior. We have many hanging around town in fairly close proximity to the palace. 

We do have a cat that we have seen in the last couple of days on our game cam set up in the driveway. We really hope this cat is Junior & many of his markings do match. We have started to feed outside around the clock again in hopes that we will see more of him. There are others in the neighborhood who look similar & it seems unusual that a once friendly guy would only come around at night now but we are all hopeful. We want our Junior back home. If you see him in your travels please do let us know... or 207.751.4131

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